Semolina (Sooji)



Semolina is a high-gluten flour made from hard durum wheat. It has a rather coarse texture, yellow color, and is high in gluten protein. The high gluten content means the flour is especially well suited for making pasta, but this flour is also a common ingredient in bread and baked goods as well as couscous. Semolina is available throughout the world

One of the most common uses for semolina flour is making pasta from scratch. this flour is good for making bread, cakes, and pizza, as well as porridge and pudding.Semolina is a staple food in Nigeria, where it is mixed with water and boiled to eat with soups or stews. Couscous, made with semolina, is a common food in other parts of Africa as well as the rest of the world.In European countries, semolina is also used for sweet puddings and it can form a type of porridge when boiled.

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