Gram Flour (Besan)



Gram flour is a ground flour made from raw or roasted yellow lentils known as channa dal or Bengal gram. Although gram flour has only recently started gaining traction in the west, it is very popular in all of Southeast Asia. Known as besan, it is used in a whole host of ways, from making flatbreads to fritters. It is available in very fine and slightly coarse textures. The use of the flour also often depends on its texture. It is very similar to chickpea flour and offers similar flexibility. Gram flour is used almost exclusively in the Southeast region. But thanks to modern food commerce and the rising demand for alternative flours, it is now also available in stores in the US.

It is perfect as a thickener in curries and coatings in different kinds of fries. It is a substitute of egg for vegetarian people and it has a high in proteins and can be used instead of egg coatings in various recipes.

Apart from its capacity to make enhanced fried items and delicious recipes, it is also used as a facial mask mixing with milk or yogurt and turmeric and is popular among young women in Asia.

India exports most of it’sBesan flour to United States, Australia and Singapore and is the largest exporter of Besan flour in the World.

We provide packing in 5 kg / 10 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg / 30 kg bags as per customer requirements meeting International Standards. We also provide pre-shipment inspection as per client requirement for weight and quality.